Environment Committee

The aim of our committee is to make students, staff and the wider community aware of how their lifestyle choices affect the environment and to ensure that Sion Hill remains a green school.

The environment committees have worked throughout the years to achieve the following green school flags:

1. Litter & Waste (Awarded 2006)

2. Energy (Awarded 2009)

3. Water (Awarded 2011)

4. Travel (Awarded 2013)

5. Biodiversity (Awarded 2015)

The current committee meet on Mondays at lunch as they are working on achieving our sixth flag which will be for Global Citizenship – Litter and Waste.  In addition to this the committee continues to work on the other five areas that they have already received flags for in order to renew them and to ensure that Sion Hill remains as environmentally friendly as possible.

Environment Committee 2016-2017

Prefects:                      Fiona Cullen and  Rachel Phelan

6th year                        Erica Fay

5th year                        Rebecca Hare

4th year                        Sreeparvathy Attupurath

3rd year                        Paulina Wanatowska

2nd year                       Anriya Pasulose

1st year                        Rachel Anne Remiter



Staff Coordinators: Ms Condren and Ms Kaye.

Staff Assistance: Ms Lehane and Ms Tracey.