A commitment and passion for a more fair and just world will be encouraged by this committee. Students will share their enthusiasm for the needs of others, help students to get involved and so strengthen school life.


PREFECTS       Louise Bourke and Eilis Prendergast

6th year              Tory Mpofu

5th year              Freya Coogan

4th year              Tess Scully

3rd year              Emilia Velma

2nd year              Emma O’Driscoll

1st year               Caroline Breen

ALIVE – Third World Group

All students from 1st to 6th year are welcome to join ALIVE which meets once a week at lunchtime.

Sion Hill’s Third World Group has three aims:

  1. To educate ourselves and others about the Developing World
  2. To campaign for a more just distribution of the world’s resources
  3. To fundraise in support of the poor in the Developing World

Read more about ALIVE…

St Vincent de Paul

This society has over 100 members in the school and organises outings and parties for disadvantaged children and children with disabilities throughout the year. A party for Senior Citizens is also organised each year. All of the club’s activities are supported by funds raised by its own members. To find out more about SVP go to the
St Vincent de Paul website.