Student Council

The Student Council is a representative structure for students through which they can be involved in the affairs of the school working in partnership with school management, staff and parents for the benefit of the school and its students. It is democratically   elected and it aims to enhance communication between students and management. It also aims to promote respect among students and wishes to embody the ethos of the school.

Student Council 2016-2017

1 Amber               Beatrice Lee

1 Diamond           Sorcha Courtney

1 Gold                  Sofia Keogh


2 Amber               Jennifer Short

2 Diamond           Manjima Xavier

2 Gold                  Eimear Murphy


3 Amber               Anushka Paibir

3 Diamond           Lauren Kelly

3 Gold                  Analissa Clarke


4 Amber               Lucy Harrison

4 Diamond           Hannah Thomas

4 Gold                  Katie Byrne


5 Amber               Sinead Mooney

5 Diamond           Chloe Duggan

5 Gold                  Tara Fay


6 Amber               Danielle Augustin

6 Diamond           Emily Whitehouse

6 Gold                  Aishling Munnelly

Coordinating teachers: Ms G.Clarke and Ms E. Nilan