It is our aim to encourage an enthusiasm for reading among our students. It is vital that we create a reading culture, throughout every aspect of the student’s learning experience. Within the school community we aim to explore a variety of texts, among different genres, and invite parents and families to do the same.

Vocabulary acquisition and grammatical studies will be areas of focus for students’ learning tasks. Each subject teacher will address the literacy demands their own subject places on students and support students in the development of their literacy skills when the opportunities arise in lessons. Vocabulary will be constantly reinforced and consolidated, incorporating the four main skills (Reading, writing, listening and speaking) We aim to enhance students’ ability to derive and convey meaning, and use their knowledge to achieve a desired purpose or goal that requires the use of language skills, be they spoken or written.

Over all, we aim to foster a love of reading within the school community, across a variety of subject areas.

Junior Cycle

Senior Recommended Reading List

Junior Cycle Recommended Reading List

Senior Cycle

Senior Cycle Recommended Reading List